iPad Spotlight

By DJ Edgerton (@wiltonbound)

If you could go to the one place where 58% of your customers are…would you go?

Well, youre here reading Pixels & Pills, so clearly youre of above-average intelligence, and therefore, your answer is “yes.”

Right now, 30% of doctors in the United States have iPads, and another 28% plan to get one soon, according to data released last month. Moreover, that same data showed that 75 percent of U.S. physicians own an Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod). When you consider that apps frequently work across devices, the penetration becomes astounding. And in case you were skeptical, this isnt an American epidemic. There are nearly 30 million iOS users in the five major EU countries, as well.

Its become very simple: We must be focusing on the iPad in our digital plans. It is no longer optional. It is no longer a niche, it is no longer trendy or cutting-edge. iPads are simply where people are – and, in this case, where physicians are.

Heres a short list of things that must work on iPads:

1. Electronic medical records
2. Detail aids and other educational and promotional materials
3. Patient-assistance websites
4. Diagnostic databases
5. Therapeutic databases
6. Specialty-pharmacy websites
7. And: you.

Its simple. How can you create something that will help a doctor do their work better with their favorite device, if youre not intimately familiar with what works best on that device?

Here at Pixels & Pills, we’ve been hard at work developing some pretty innovative apps for our healthcare clients. From apps that help people continue group therapy in an online setting to keeping patients constantly connected to their circle of care, we recognized the power of the iPad early on and its limitless possibilities to optimize the way we manage our health.

Were enamored of these odd little hybrids that arent phones and arent laptops. Were watching our clients – and their physicians – figure out where they fit in their lives, as were doing the same in our own, and were keeping pace with their discovery with our own products.

The iPad has stopped becoming a frontier, and its rapidly becoming home. Is your information part of that home?



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