It’s Your Turn to Be a Part of the Cure.

CURELogoToday’s guest blog post is from Glenn Kleiman, founder and principal at digital marketing agency Fullhouse. Glenn is also on the national board of directors of the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation.

By Glenn Kleiman

The photos and stories are heartbreaking¢‚Ǩ¬¶and inspiring.

A little girl who slipped into a coma at 10 months old. A woman sky diving, refusing to be defined by her disease.

A dad, proud of his sons courage. “Hes my hero. A moms memorial to her daughter, who lost the fight at 33.

This is how diabetes touches lives. This blend of sacrifice and triumph is creating a powerful, emotional collage at

My digital marketing agency, Fullhouse, created the website pro bono for the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation. The Foundation is a key source of funding for the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI), one of the worlds leading research centers focused on curing type 1 diabetes.

The site allows visitors to select a personal photo and write a short story to accompany the image. The user clicks “submit and after donating a minimum of $10 to support DRI research our tool places the users photo randomly inside the letters C-U-R-E. (So, you literally can be part of the “Cure.)

You can search for your photo, or click to zoom into the collage and explore. Once youve fully zoomed into a specific photo, the picture appears in a larger format with the story alongside.

We have supported this campaign with weekly emails to the DRIF mailing list, social media posts, YouTube videos, generous mentions by diabetes bloggers, Google Grants ad placements, banner ads on partner sites, PR to traditional media, etc.

Campaign sponsors Animas (makers of insulin pumps) and Lifescan, (blood glucose meters) have generously provided a $25,000 matching grant. Were proud to say weve raised enough to receive the entire match.

With our December 31st deadline approaching, were still looking for photos to help us fill our collage. So, if you¢‚Ǩ”or someone you care about is touched by diabetes, or if you just want to do something nice for the holidays, we welcome your help.

My agency is involved because diabetes has touched my life, too. My brother was diagnosed with type 1 shortly before his seventh birthday. Now 57, he has suffered many of the complications diabetes can inflict blindness, kidney failure, nerve damage. He has received two kidney transplants. My mom was the first donor. Her kidney lasted for about 20 years. In 2001, I donated one of mine. (Still working well.)

Then in 2003 my older daughter, then 18, was diagnosed with type 1. She has continued to live a full life, recently earning her Masters degree, soon to marry. But, knowing what can happen — what has happened to my brother — drives me to help find a cure.

So, Im part of the cure. I invite you to go to the site and explore. See the photos. Read the stories. Then decide: will you be part the cure?



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