5 Things You Can Do NOW To Boost Your Social Media Presence

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By Krissy Goelz (@krisgoelz)

Happy Friday, Pixels & Pills readers! Its been a long and snowy week here in the Northeast and were delighted to see that the weekend forecast calls for…more snow. Oh well.

Remember how on Monday we gave you an awesome little set of marketing ideas, absolutely free of charge? Well, in the same spirit, were going to close out this precipitation-heavy week with five easy things that you can do right now to improve your social media presence. Some are relevant for your corporate presence, and others will work for your personal accounts, too.

1. Synchronize your watches. Create a quick and dirty social-media style guide, so that all of your team members or employees list the same URL, use the same brand colors, and are talking about the company and products with the same messaging. Then encourage them to get out there and get talking! Whether small or large, youve got an army at your disposal: Use it well.

2. Get under the hood. Just about every social media platform offers options to alter your personality and privacy. You ignore them to your detriment. Get in there and know what apps you have running, what information you have public, and what you can change to more accurately reflect your brand. Tweak your settings and make sure that theyre serving you well too!

3. Automate. Use the advance setting capabilities of services like TweetDeck or HootSuite to take advantage of unexpected quiet time (like, say, a snow day working from home?) to set up a batch of posts, Tweets, status updates, e-mails and notifications. Youll address the up-to-the-minute issues as they happen, but theres plenty that you can do ahead of time. Why work nights and weekends when you can let technology do it for you?

4. Link up. Whatever youre writing – post, Tweet, update, email, notification – are you including links? Links to your previous work, links to colleagues, links to people you admire, links to sources of more detailed information. Add them all! Improve your SEO, your relationships, and your knowledge.

5. Add video. These days, you can take video anywhere and put it anywhere. Are you using that ability? Its easier and faster, often, than actually writing. Change things up, and let people see the real you!

There you go: five fast, easy, fun ways to improve your social media presence. While youre doing each of them, dont forget the social media golden rule: have fun. Has everything youve said this week been completely serious? Why? Weve proven this week that even MTV’s “Jersey Shore can teach you something – and if there are lessons there, you can find them absolutely anywhere. If you let yourself have fun with your work, youd be surprised at how even the things that seem completely unrelated on the surface can give you the best ideas.

Enjoy your winter weekend!



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