Healthcare Creative Showcase


This post continues Creativity in Pharma week as we salute the noteworthy campaigns, commercials, and websites designed to compel and inspire inspire the healthcare community.

By Kimberly Reyes (@CommDuCoeur)

Creativity is a virtue. Creativity requires that you see the world from a fresh and innovative perspective. Creativity sometimes requires resourcefulness, thoughtfulness, sensitivity. In marketing and advertising, creativity leads to persuasion. Creativity can change minds, and even entire cultures.

In Pharma, creativity faces many obstacles. Marketing executives sometimes feel stifled by the rules and regulations that govern the industry. Investors obsess over metrics and ROI. Despite all this, some of the most compelling campaigns have come from Pharma and today, we’re tipping our hats to some of the best the biz.

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Clinical research coproration CEDRA created, a beautifully-designed Flash website that lets visitors “create” their own drug. Visitors can name the medication, pick the vehicle, and combine humorous lifestyle issues to determine what it treats. Finally, the website generates a Mad Libs-inspired ad for the drug, which visitors can share with friends via e-mail.

In Bed

Creativity and erectile dysfunction make for a pretty dangerous mix, but Bayer Schering’s In Bed campaign introduces UK consumers to Dennis, an animated everyman who tries to understand his condition. His thoughts are the perfect blend of funny and serious, and the illustration is charmingly minimalist.


Sundown sunblock’s now-defunct Piano campaign was a viral hit. Sunbathers act as the keys of a piano, which react to the click of the user’s mouse with a sunburnt “ouch.” Users were able to compose and record tunes, and share them with friends. The campaign was designed to encourage proper skin protection before spending long periods of time in direct sunlight.

Images of Isolation

On a more serious note, Images of Isolation is a website by the National Eczema Association created to raise awareness around the chronic skin condition. Famous photographer Jeremy Kost was employed to assemble a photographic essay using Polaroids of patients who suffer from Eczema. The accompanying stories communicate the fact that Eczema not only impacts a person physically, but mentally as well.

What Pharma campaigns have inspired you or made you laugh recently? Share your favorites with us!



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