Welcome to Pixels and Pills


The Pixels & Pills blog is a collaborative effort between some passionate professionals in the Pharmaceutical Marketing and Communications space.

Technology is revolutionizing the way everyone communicates, and in our space … change is scary (just ask the lawyers). Like everyone in this space, we’re a bit nervous. We are dedicated to what we do … and we see the landscape changing. If you are reading the content here, we know we are not alone in wanting to be part of that change. Change to better serve our clients, whether they be Pharma, or patient.

We see a chance here to leverage technology and empower everyone with information, opportunity and education. We plan to use this site as a platform for dialogue, insight and idea sharing. The opinions are ours, all of ours. If you have one, share it. If you like one…do the same thing, share it. Maybe we can spread the value and influence of our collective efforts from the top of the ivory tower to the very foundation on which it stands.

Change is coming in Pharma … are you in?



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