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Richmans Dear Jonathan Letter

By DJ Edgerton (@wiltonbound) Whod have thought we would see the day? Charlie Sheen leaving TWO AND A HALF MEN. Demi leaving Ashton. Kim Kardashian leaving Kris Humphries (ok that one, I did see coming). Oprah leaving her own show. … Continue reading


Can Pharma Harness Social Media for Product Research and Development?

by DJ Edgerton (@wiltonbound) The question seems almost nonsensical at first your Twitter followers may be really outstanding people, but theyre not organic chemists or researchers. And your Facebook fans, while devoted, probably do not, generally speaking, know how to … Continue reading


Shoot First, Apologize Later: Why Pharma Needs to Proceed without Social Media Guidelines

by DJ Edgerton (@wiltonbound) Like Tom Petty sang, the waiting is the hardest part. But is it necessary for pharma to continue holding out for social media guidelines before implementing digital strategy? With more than 75 percent of people using … Continue reading


Social Media, Pharma and Politics

by DJ Edgerton (@wiltonbound) How much of a role does social media play in influencing policymakers? And how much of a role can or should marketing play in crafting those messages for pharmaceutical companies? Its a tough question, but before … Continue reading