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Crowdsourced Science

by Russ Ward (@russcward) Can science becrowdsourced? Can medicine take advantage of the knowledge of the masses to leapfrog to advances? Can we use social media tools to cure disease? These are (increasingly specific) questions about the utility of digitally … Continue reading


Questions and Answers

by Russ Ward (@russcward) What does it feel like to have a heart attack? Whats the cure for muscle soreness post-workout? What one daily habit has the most positive effect on your health? These are real questions asked on the … Continue reading


Revisited: Russ Ward on FDA Guidelines For Social Media

As we keep talking (and talking and talking) about and waiting (and waiting and waiting) for FDA Guidelines for social media usage, we thought it would be fun to visit this video, from nearly two years ago. Do you remember … Continue reading


Why Patents Matter to Patients

by Russ Ward (@russcward) Browse through the business press, and you wont have to search long before you find articles about pharma, patents and a whole lot of drama. From a patient perspective, whats the big deal? The issue: Within … Continue reading