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into development… only to have your app turned down. Thankfully, this hazard doesn’t exist on Android. Round five: Profit.

Of training course we also require to imagine about the opportunity moolah you can generate producing for each system and this is the place Apple has the clear gain. There are lots of far more gadgets out there working Android and the Play Shop sees a substantially larger quantity of downloads accordingly. But regardless of this, the App Keep nonetheless brings in considerably more profits – to the tune of about 75% according to a report from App Annie.

iOS end users are basically happier to invest additional on their app purchases and this is anything you need to contemplate seriously before building your option. If you acquire only for Android, then you are going to be getting rid of out on a whole lot of potential profits.

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The best determination will constantly be to go cross system (which will give you entry to the greatest achievable viewers) but failing that, you’ll gain additional dollars by being iOS distinctive.

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