Digital Pharma East 2012: Jay Bryant on the Art of “Throwing Parties” for Healthcare Social Media

@Spitz interviews Jay Bryant, Vice President of Sales at LiveWorld at the Digital Pharma East Conference in Philadelphia, October 15-18, 2012.

Jay and LiveWorld can be likened to “party planners” for healthcare social media, essentially creating comfortable and thoughtful environments where people can come to discuss health issues and learn. These communities are carefully structured around the needs of their sponsors and their participants. By understanding the rules of engagement, and being thoroughly experienced in social media best practices, LiveWorld protects brands and audiences with expert moderation and response management.

Learn more about LiveWorld, follow Jay on Twitter, and leave your comments below!

Michael Spitz , known most often as just "Spitz," is Editor-in-Chief of the Pixels & Pills and a prollific tweeter, blogger, and article writer, active in digital health across all specialties. Follow him @SpitzStrategy.



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