Digital Pharma East 2012: Terry Nugent Revitalizes Email, the “Workhorse of Digital Health”

@Spitz interviews Terry Nugent, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MMS at the Digital Pharma East Conference in Philadelphia, October 15-18, 2012.

For Terry and his team at MMS, email is the stalwart “Workhorse of Digital Health,” beginning and continuing the digital revolution as the most fundamental and consistently reliable channel for engagement. Marketing metrics confirm that email remains, despite the recent social and mobile revolutions, a significant touchpoint for all healthcare audience segments, including physicians, patients, and caregivers. Terry goes on to demonstrate how email has been nimble enough to evolve with other forms of media, embedded links connecting to social media sites and relevant multimedia content, such as mechanism of action and testimonial videos. New email formats also lend themselves to today’s multiscreen environments, audiences accessing content now from desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, often simultaneously. And with no end in site, email will continue to evolve and remain central to any digital health initiative, likely for a long time to come.

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Michael Spitz , known most often as just "Spitz," is Editor-in-Chief of the Pixels & Pills and a prollific tweeter, blogger, and article writer, active in digital health across all specialties. Follow him @SpitzStrategy.



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