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For example, I had the right button set to be the primary clicking button, and one of the side buttons to be the right-click button. When I tried to do this in Steer Mouse, the two switched themselves without any warning. I’m running Snow Leopard and am now very confused and a bit sad Java that I’m going to have to get a new computer mouse. In addition to the left and right clicks and the clickable scroll wheel, there are five buttons on the Precision Mouse. One is just behind the scroll wheel on the top of the mouse, and by default switches between normal detent scrolling and a smooth scroll.

It will scroll as long as the mouse wheel is turning, but doesn’t spin too long as some other mice do. The other solitary button is the Bluetooth pairing button on the bottom of the mouse.

We found the side buttons mushy, the scroll wheel a little too easy to click, and the SteelSeries software more confusing than G Hub and Synapse 3. Logitech’s G Hub software is available for Windows and Mac. In G Hub you can remap buttons and record macros, customize the DPI sensitivity levels, polling rate, and lighting, and create profiles for individual games. You can also store your settings on the mouse to take it between computers by toggling the onboard storage setting, though G Hub doesn’t have a cloud storage option like Razer’s Synapse software does. All of the buttons on the G502 Hero offer crisp, clicky feedback and feel satisfying and responsive to use. I un-installed the Kensington MouseWorks software, installed the SteerMouse driver, and immediately noticed a problem.

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Cloud-stored profiles are nice, especially if you change computers often, but I shouldn’t have to have an internet connection in order to change my mouse’s DPI. Most critics considered the platform to have future potential, but that Windows 1.0 had not fulfilled expectations. Tan goes on to say that once a mouse is registered with Razer’s servers, all of the Synapse 2.0 functionality can be used offline, with settings stored locally instead of being synced to the cloud. Also, despite this being a Microsoft mouse, you need to download additional software to configure it – the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center. While this isn’t too much of a hardship, and installing extra software to configure peripherals is a common occurrence, we were kind of hoping that it would all be handled within Windows 10. The app is at least easy to use and nicely laid out, and you can configure the buttons depending on what app you’re currently using.

On the other hand, the mouse’s reliable steeped scroll wheel movements were handy in this game, allowing me to easily tick through my weapons arsenal one by one. The Roccat Kain 200 Aimo’s two side programmable buttons are easy to access. The left and right mouse buttons, left and right buttons, DPI switch and scroll wheel in are also programmable. You’ll definitely want to program that scroll wheel to its full potential. Its rubber is slightly softer than others, but its steeped movements offer audible sound and a reassuring click in make it a reliable component of the mouse. The SteelSeries Rival 3 is a comfortable size, but since it’s an ambidextrous mouse, it’s not sculpted for a right-handed grip as our picks are.

The mouse is controlled by Thermaltake’s iTake Gaming Engine software. It lets you adjust the lights, set the polling rate, and program buttons with specialized functions like customized macros. When it works, it’s a robust—if a bit bloated—bit of software that effectively lets users control DPI, lighting, keybindings, and more on Razer peripherals.

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