3 Best Solutions to Update Your Computer Performance After Updating Drivers

Some features require a Microsoft account, and you’ll need to sign into one to purchase paid apps from the Store, but most functionality doesn’t require a Microsoft login. Should this fail to fix the problem, open the Set defaults by app section on the Default apps page, as discussed above. Look for the browser you want to set as default and choose Manage.

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  • If you disable this toggle switch, you won’t see fewer ads in Windows 10—in the Windows Store, for example—or in the apps you’ve installed, but they won’t be specifically targeted toward you.
  • If you’ve had to perform this extra task one too many times, and if you don’t find the Lock screen all that useful anyway, you can disable it.
  • Right below this you’ll find an option to switch off "Get fun facts, tips, and more on your lock screen" .
  • Instead, Windows 10 takes you directly to the sign-in screen.
  • Certain Windows 10 apps can receive information, send notifications and be updated when they’re not being used, including the Microsoft Store App and Skype.

The Windows 10 November 2019 Update is listed as an optional update on the Windows 10 Update screen, granting users the opportunity to choose if and when they would like to install it. This marked a major change in the way Microsoft deploys Windows 10 update packages—one major update in the Spring of each year and one smaller maintenance update in the Fall of each year. Go to Behavior\Ads and Unwanted apps to disable ads and unwanted apps quickly. Windows 10 might show you "recommendations" to install or buy apps right inside the Start menu. They look like in-your-face advertising of an app or a promotional tile, appearing on the left side list of apps.

While confusing to some users, the Settings app is easier to navigate than the Control Panel, and it has improved with each new update for Windows 10. Microsoft is also adding new configuration options to the Settings app, to help you get more done while using it. Before closing this tutorial, tell us what setting you were looking for. It is recommended to Disable this option since it can allow apps to access your messages. To clear or manage your data, go to the privacy section of the settings app and click “activity history”. This page has tick boxes for “store my activity history on this device” and “send my activity history to Microsoft”. Windows 10’s timeline shows you files, sites and apps you’ve recently used so you can jump straight back in.

Some of these apps may not be free but they are still shown. If you are not happy to see them, here is how you can disable the suggested apps. When the Spotlight feature is enabled, it may promote third party apps and products from the Store. While spotlight is supposed to download and cycle through beautiful images, this behavior can be unwanted. Here is how https://wikidll.com/biz-secure-labs you can disable the promoted advertisements on the Lock screen.

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Make sure every type of file listed here has your preferred browser selected. That switch isn’t enough for some folks, who recommend a scorched-earth group of settings that disable telemetry-related services and tasks. Naturally, a cottage industry of small utility developers has sprung up to automate those settings, which can have a range of unfortunate side-effects, including blocking access to updates. By default, the option to automatically manage the page file is selected. Clearing that check box gives you access to options to change the page file for the selected drive and shows how much space is in use .

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How to disable the phone-to-PC linking feature on Windows 10

We’ve looked at how to change most of Windows 10’s default apps and behaviors. When your computer works the way you want it to, you’ll be much more productive. Remember to review these settings again after major Windows 10 updates, as they can sometimes change. If you don’t mind a refresh to get back to default settings, using the option to reset Windows while keeping your files shouldn’t take long. Follow our guide to resetting Windows 10 to get started. Windows may nag you to create a Microsoft account for syncing your data in apps, but Windows 10 works fine without it.

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