Michelle Tucker Interview from eDTC Revolutions: “Pinching & Zooming” Healthcare Engagement

Spitz from @PixelsandPills interviews Michelle Tucker, VP/Creative Director from DraftFCB at the eDTC Revolutions Conference in Washington, DC, September 13-14, 2012.

Michelle discusses how patients and healthcare professionals have eagerly embraced the touchscreen functionality of the iPad, in the process transforming how health information is shared and consumed. She cites mobile health case studies that redefine the point of care experience, and illustrates how the freedom afforded by both tactile engagement and mobility have revolutionized big pharma attitudes toward the channel. She also welcomes this new era for digital health communication, where the most skeptical stakeholders are now understanding and approving emerging technologies.

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Michael Spitz , known most often as just "Spitz," is Editor-in-Chief of the Pixels & Pills and a prollific tweeter, blogger, and article writer, active in digital health across all specialties. Follow him @SpitzStrategy.



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