All Aspects of Healthcare CONVERGE in Philadelphia this Summer

By Sven Larsen (@pixelsandpills)

We’ve been strolling down memory lane the last couple of days on P&P. Now it’s time to make some new memories.

Pixels and Pills is hitting the road again on July 10th for our coverage of the first annual CONVERGE conference. We’re really excited about this inaugural event because it looks to bring together innovators and thought leaders from all aspects of the healthcare industry.

Check out who’s speaking! The keynote speaker is Wil Yu of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. ¬†He’ll be joined by Craig Lipset, Pfizer’s head of clinical innovation; Dr. Brad Weinberg, a founding partner of Blueprint Health; Anil Jain, CMIO at Explorys and former senior executive director of IT at the Cleveland Clinic; and many more. I

Some of the topics the conference will cover are:

‚¢ Telemedicine: Best practices and new frontiers

‚¢ A new roadmap for tech transfer: Ideas on the best path for innovation out of the nation’s universities

‚¢ Personalized medicine: What are the pathways to success?

‚¢ Convergence worth investing in: The hottest investment segments

‚¢ Mobile health: What kind of scientific standard will be coming for app developers seeking to serve patients?

‚¢ CIOs and health IT: Exploring new solutions for EHR

Pfizer’s head of clinical innovation will talk about Big Pharma’s transition in a new era for medicine, the chief innovation officer of Children’s Hospital Boston will outline a vision of telemedicine, and a vice president from Medtronic will discuss how the digital health movement can best serve the medical device industry.

HCPs and marketing folks together at a pharma/healthcare conference. That’s something we had to see for ourselves!

Join us at the CONVERGE summit for healthcare innovation on July 10 at The Hyatt at The Bellevue in Philadelphia, Pa. Pixels and Pills readers can register now using our special 30% off code: PIXELSANDPILLS.

Find details and registration information at (Twitter users should use the hashtag #ConvergeConf for event discussion)

See you in Philadelphia!



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