Digital Innovation – the Pharmacist Database

Walgreens GraphicAfter we complained about the lack of innovation by retail pharmacies, it’s good to hear that at least one major chain is rising to the challenge.

News comes via, PSFK that Walgreens has created a new online tool to help customers find pharmacists that best suit their needs:

Pharmacy Creates A Searchable Database Of Employee Expertise

Drug retail chain Walgreens has launched an searchable database online that connects customers with pharmacists who are best suited to meet their specific needs. The ¢‚ǨÀúFind Your Pharmacist tool allows customers to select a pharmacist by matching their healthcare needs with the areas of expertise, specialties, languages and clinical backgrounds of Walgreens pharmacists. Also available as a mobile app, the service is a result of a Pew Internet survey that suggested that nearly one-third of pharmacy customers would like the ability to search for a pharmacist based on their knowledge of specific drugs and/or conditions.”

We see a lot of potential for this type of application as patients and consumers continue to look to make their healthcare experience more personal. Kudos to Walgreens for leading the pack on this one!



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