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Help packagingBy Jason Brandt

Do you recognize the packaging in the photo above? it’s the signature product design of Help Remedies, a four year old company that’s been shaking up the sleepy world of Pharma product design. Not only are their products simple (they only use one ingredient per product), their messaging is clear and concise (“What product do I take for a headache. Oh, I guess HELP I HAVE A HEADACHE”) and their packaging is even eco-friendly. They almost take an “organic” approach to Pharma production and marketing, simplifying and stripping away unnecessary ingredients whether it be in the products, the packaging or their marketing communication. This remarkable methodology has led to tons of media coverafge and invites to prestigious conferences like TED.

So it should come as no surprise that their website is equally innovative. is not only one of the best designed Pharma sites out there, it’s also the most fun. A user may go on the site with a question about a product or the company but the appealing navigation and compelling content will keep them engaged for a significant period of time.

Help websiteThe lean design leads to a great user experience that easily communicates important information, while also conveying the spirit of fun and “think different” that characterizes the brand. Humor on a Pharma site? Yes, it is possible and Help Remedies uses it to maximum effect with fun, multimedia solutions to problems like “Help, I’m in a rut” (which generates a new identity for you) and “Help, I have ghosts.” which encourages you to have an online, real time chat with your ghosts. From a technical standpoint, it’s an incredibly well executed mix of digital assets that promotes repeat visits and minimal bounce rates.

Our favorite? The “Help, I have too much money” button which takes you to a donation page for Help Remedies!

Yes, many of Help’s products are not the type of complex treatments that require significant fair balance information or usage explanations. But by thinking outside the box, the company provides a terrific blueprint to a smarter, more intuitive approach to communicating with the Pharma consumer.

Bravo, Help Remedies, bravo!




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