Want to Play a Game? It’s Good for You!

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Coming off of TEDMED, were inspired to check out some of the other cutting edge conferences that are departing from the Pharma Conference norm. One thats been around for a while but looks better than ever this year is the 8th Annual Games for Heal Conference.

Gamification has been a hot topic in Pharma for the past year but conference organizer Ben Sawyer of the Games for Health Project promises that the scope of his event goes far beyond this. The conference has “three pillars of programming including:

  • ENABLE PLAY focusing on games accessibility
  • LUDICA MEDICA focused on personal development and training

Sawyer has got some serious talent presenting at his conference as well. Among the superstar speakers he has lined up are:

  • Bill Crounse Senior Director of Worldwide Health for Microsoft talking about whats next for Kinect
  • Constance Squire of the Office of Science & Technology Policy on how video games can address national challenges
  • Jane McGonigal Author of REALITY IS BROKEN talking about SuperBetter a new game based, social app designed to improve health

And Sawyer has also got some folks with serious gaming cred like Tish Shute of Stupid Fun Club introducing cutting edge concepts like integrated gaming.

We had a fascinating chat with Sawyer about the potential of games in the Healthcare space that well share with P & P readers in our next post In the meantime, if youre looking for an event thats more than just the same old digital Pharma dialogue circle the date and get yourself to Boston for Games for Health!



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