TEDMED Here We Come!


Big excitement today as Pixels & Pills founder DJ Edgerton is headed down to Washington, DC for this year’s TEDMED Conference. There’s a stellar cast of speakers and DJ will be snapping pics and live tweeting from the conference. If you want to follow his coverage of what’s sure to be one of the most interesting health gatherings of the year, check out:


@wiltonbound (DJ’s personal Twitter account)

@zemoga (the twitter account of our parent company)

DJ will be our “eyes and ears” at the conference and he’ll be looking to connect with thought leaders and technologists (so that we can bring you all the newest developments here on Pixels & Pills). You can DM DJ on all of these accounts so make sure you reach out to him and say hi. The conversation you guys have in DC could end up as an article on P & P (that’s meant to be an incentive, folks!).



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