The Must See Health Panel at SXSW


We’ve got a lot of friends presenting at SXSW and you should definitely check out their events. But this looks like the one of most compelling panels at the show for anyone interested in the future of healthcare:

“StartUp Health: Transforming Healthcare in America

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Legendary CEO Jerry Levin and Futurist and Health Investor Esther Dyson are interviewed by StartUp Health Co-founder Steven Krein in a dynamic session to discuss how to transform health and wellness entrepreneurship in America. Steve will engage Jerry and Esther and the audience in a thought provoking discussion on how entrepreneurs are the solution to changing healthcare in our country and how to establish the entrepreneurship culture throughout the nation in sectors like health and wellness. They will discuss how can entrepreneurs, investors, healthcare professionals and organizations can be collaborate in this revolution. This Future of Health Track is sponsored by Aetna.”

The former head of Time-Warner and one of the most noted futurists of our time talking about healthcare? Need any more proof that the future of health is going to be the topic dominating American public conversation in 2012?

The panel takes place Saturday, March 10th from 12:30-1:30 at the AT & T Conference Hotel. Be sure to check it out (and give us your feedback in the comments section).



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