Got Questions About Compliance?


By Sven Larsen (@svenplarsen)

We received a welcome surprise in our Pixels and Pills inbox this week, the first monthly newsletter from Dr. Darshan Kulkarni. We’ve interviewed Darshan before and it’s safe to say that as far as combination JD/MSc Pharma graduates go, he’s the smartest one we know (ok, he’s the only one we know)

In addition to his monthly newsletter, he’s also hosting tweetchats with the hashtag #rxcom on the first Monday of every month. And you can find his blog here.

While this may seem like a shameless plug for a friend of ours, P & P has always been impressed with Darshan’s willing ness to put himself out there and strip away some of the myths surrounding compliance. We’re excited that he’s making his voice heard on more platforms and we hope it serves as a model for some of our other industry experts to share their knowledge.

With KOL’s like Jon Richman having dropped out of the discussion lately, we need all of the informed commentators we can get. Kudos to Darshan for throwing his digital hat in the ring!




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One Response to Got Questions About Compliance?

  1. This was extremely kind and generous of you to highlight the newsletter.
    I receive newsletters all the time, but often find myself being overwhelmed with the volume of information, or underwhelmed with the relevance of the information.
    I hence thought that it would make sense to just put 1-2 notes out there, to talk about updates that may be of interest.
    Thank you for the mention, and I hope we have the opportunity to keep our conversation going.