One Way to Teach Your Boss About Social Media


By Sven Larsen (@svenplarsen)

Do you want your boss to realize the full potential of social media?

Yesterday on Pixels & Pills we talked about John Mack’s observation that very few senior executives attend digital pharma conferences. At the end of that post we asked what it might take to get more execs to go to a conference and learn more about new media and technologies. Here’s one possible answer.

What if it was completely free? And what if it was happening in their own backyard? Like next week in New York City?

Sara Holoubek of Luminary Labs and the team at Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness have been working diligently to create a Health and Wellness hub for Social Media Week New York and they’ve come up with some remarkable programming. You can see the full schedule at the SMW NYC website but check out these highlights:

– Starchitect Michael Graves on Redesigning the Hospital room

– Jay Walker, Chairman of TEDMED on Making Better Decisions for Health

– Frank Moss of MIT leading a hackathon

– Marc Monseau, Pharma thought leader and friend of the blog leading a discussion on crowdsourcing FDA guidelines

There are numerous other events taking place plus networking parties where your boss can network with his own kind plus digital evangelists. Remember, nothing sways a reluctant marketing executive’s opinion like free booze!

Seriously, kudos to Sara and her team for organizing a content rich event that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars to attend. Pixels & Pills will be providing coverage of some of the panels and events coming up next week but make sure you register yourself (and your boss) as many of the sessions are close to selling out.

And if you see Sara at any of these events make sure to ask her the question that’s been on P & P’s mind since we first heard about her SMW NYC plans.

When do you sleep?



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