Poke the Box With ePatient Connections 2011

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by Briana Campbell (@MsMatchGirl)

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This is the headline on the website for this years ePatient Connections, being held September 20th and 21st at the Hyatt at the Bellevue in Philadelphia. And something that we at Pixels & Pills, as media sponsors, are proud and excited to play a part in.

Were especially excited at the possibility of getting influencer, thought leader and marketing guru Seth Godin, master of engagement, in front of the Pixels & Pills camera!

We know that Seths keynote is what many people are excited about. And, even, though there are a ton of amazing presentations and speakers on the agenda, we wanted to take a moment and talk about why were excited for Seths talk.

With Poke the Box, his first release under his Amazon poweredDomino Project, Seth asks everybody to do something that many, if not most, are uncomfortable doing. He asks people to not only think outside of the box, but to poke it. He asks people to leave their comfort zones and shake things up. He encourages all of us to go go GO!

Its our opinion that these words of advice are something that the pharmaceutical industry should take to heart. The tenets of the book are ones that we feel the industry must follow, or perish. For instance: “We can unbrainwash ourselves while we still have time.”

Seth is not alone in his poking at industry and encouraging action and change. Amongst the notable presentations at ePatient Connections will be Jonathan Richman of Dose of Digital well known for thinking about things in a different manner and constantly pushing the pharma industry to make big changes. Jonathan will be giving a presentation entitled Elephants Can Dance And Hippos Can Limbo, touching on the fact that “the market for pharma products is changing as quickly and as deeply as the market for desktop and laptop computers did for IBM. The question is whether any pharma companies are ready to make changes to address this reality. In the future, people will turn more towards digital technology to prevent, cure, and treat their diseases instead of relying on pharma companies to come up with some breakthrough, blockbuster drug. Jonathans presentation will certainly ask pharma to poke the box.

Still not convinced? were hosting one of our signature cocktail parties, Tuesday September 20 at the the hip XIX (NINETEEN) Hyatt Bellevue bar and lounge on the 19th floor, where you will have a chance to win an iPad 2.


How about this? Pixels & Pills readers can receive $300 off the registration fee by entering the code pixels300 at registration.

Ah. Thought that would do it.

See you there!

Title: ePatient Connections

Date: September 20th & 21st, 2011

Location: The Hyatt at The Bellevue, Philadelphia, PA

Pixels&Pills Discount Code: Enterpixels300 atregistration for $300 off!




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