Greening Your Projects With Digital

grass fed computer

by DJ Edgerton (@wiltonbound)

The pharmaceutical industry has been interested in corporate social responsibility from way back – just think about the purpose of the industry itself! Today, pharma CSR is far more complex, as its become both global and political in nature.

But part of being a responsible corporate citizen is being environmentally responsible, too. Projects that pharma companies have taken on range from low-impact building to solar-panel installations. Some projects benefit the environment while improving the bottom line, such as a move toward more flexible work arrangements and an increase in working from home and hoteling – a move that means offices can have smaller footprints and employees need to commute less. The increase in teleconferencing and videoconferencing, similarly, reduces travel time and expense, as well as emissions.

But how can our digital communications work and social media help the cause and improve pharmas impact on the environment? You know we like to give you pro bono ideas here at Pixels and Pills, and since we know a little bit about going green, here are just a few ideas for projects that would help us educate patients and physicians – and do a little to improve the environment.

  1. We can begin by bringing one of the staples of the tech world over – the virtual conference. Rather than the energy expenditure of a live on-site gathering, we can become proponents and creators of virtual opportunities to learn, share and network.

  1. We can then use it to improve the facilitation of interactions between sales reps and physicians. There are fewer sales representatives every day, and more offices that refuse visits, but we can create apps for our sales and marketing colleagues to interact with professionals in an opt-in environment, enabling “reminder communication that doesnt always have to require a drive to an office.

  1. We can use it to gather information about investigational compounds. A quarter of our medicines are derived from rainforest flora and fauna – so it serves us both medically and environmentally if we can find more fiscally interesting reasons to protect this endangered land. Can we create a social media program that crowdsources data, that demonstrates the variety of species in that land, that generates interest in and support for responsible rainforest exploration?




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