Do You Have a Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy?

By Kimberly Reyes (@CommDuCoeur)

In this age of accelerated technology, a brand has an almost infinite amount of platforms where it can interface with its consumers. The opportunities run the gamut from traditional media, like television and print, to device-based media like in-store kiosks, mobile phones, and computing tablets and of course, the World Wide Web and social media. As new technologies develop, they become integral parts of peoples live, helping us stay informed, connected, organized, and healthy. Its easy for a brand to get confused as to where and when it can have meaningful communication with its consumers.

Unfortunately, some brands treat new media as trends or fads, desperate to make a presence for itself on the next “shiny new object. This approach will most definitely result in wasted money and resources. A brand needs to adopt a balanced multi-channel marketing strategy with consistent messaging across all platforms in order to achieve a positive return on investment. Whether trying to reach the physicians that prescribe your drugs, or todays influential patient population, its important that the Pharmaceutical industry understand the basics of crafting a solid cross-channel media plan.

On Tuesday, June 28, 2011, Robert Allen, the Director of Social and Mobile Media in the Digital Marketing Solutions division of Astra Zeneca, will attempt to answer the question: Are multi-channel and digital marketing now one and the same? He will be joined by panelists Daniel J. Gandor of Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Eric Pluckhorn of Watson Pharmaceuticals, and Jeff Gaus, President and CEO of Prolifiq Software at the end of Day One of eXL Pharmas 2nd Annual Digital Pharma West Conference. The conference will attempt to tackle the issue of multi-channel marketing and more. Here are the details:

Date: Monday, June 27-Thursday, June 30
Location: Parc 55 Hotel, San Francisco, CA

And if you havent guessed already, Pixels & Pills will be reporting live from the event. So take a look at the agenda, register to attend, and let us know who you want to hear more from or if youd like to say a few words yourself to our readers. See you on the West Coast!



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