Let’s Talk Health Data, Baby

By Russ Ward (@russcward)

On Tuesday, Andy told you about the importance of data sharing, and how its possibilities are being investigated by a new collaboration between government agencies.

The Health Data Initiative Forum being held June 9 in Bethesda is the latest step in a years-long collaboration between the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Institute of Medicine to “accelerate momentum for the public use of data and innovation to improve health.

As Andy pointed out, when the federal government gets interested in pooling data, its time to get excited about what we can learn. And as you can imagine, the event has been fully booked for some time.

Thats why were so excited to be part of the latest unNiched(micro) breakfast event, which not only helps make the event more accessible, but is providing expert commentary on it as well. The HHS/IOM Health Data-palooza Satellite Event will be held June 9 in New York City from 7:45 a.m.

UnNiched is the event arm of the Path of the Blue Eye Project, a global initiative designed to foster collaboration among health marketing communications professionals around the world. Their breakfast will enable viewing of the forum proceedings, and include a panel of experts discussing the implications of the unfolding forum. Well be there livecasting it, in case you arent one of the 45 people lucky enough to get a spot before this fills up (as it will!).

The discussion points of the day will include the tools and apps that have been developed already using existing data, as well as the data that is available for investigation. Thats where it will get really interesting, because thats when the gears will start turning, brainstorming the opportunities to take what exists to the next level – and to create what doesnt.

We cant wait to see what we learn, and we cant wait to see you there.



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