Photos from ePharma Summit 2011!

On Monday, February 7, Pixels & Pills had a charity cocktail party to kick off the ePharma Summit and gather old used phones for our friends at

It was also John “Pharmaguy” Mack’s birthday the day before, so we surprised him with a very special birthday cake!

The birthday boy arrives.

John Mack blows out the candles for his…21st?…birthday 😉

In true Pixels & Pills fashion, it was a tweetup – so everyone was tweeting away!

DJ Edgerton and Jonathan Richman draw phones out of the donation box…

After drawing a few phones without business cards attached to them, we finally have a winner!

Congrats to our friend Alicia Staley for donating to and winning a free iPad!

It’s back to business the next day as our host Sarah McLellan interviews Dr. Peter Diamandis of the X Prize Foundation after his big announcement.

Pixels & Pills also had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Thomas Goetz from WIRED Magazine.

We topped off our award-winning coverages with possibly one of the best interviews ever – David Pogue, Tech Columnist for the New York Times.

We had a blast at ePharma Summit 2011, and were so glad to get together with friends and share our thoughts on all things pharma and healthcare. See you all soon!



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