5 Perfectly Good Pharma Marketing Ideas For Free


By Kimberly Reyes (@CommDuCoeur)

It’s Monday morning. It’s boardroom and brainstorms and boatloads of caffeine. And too often, these meetings leave us with a long list of things we can’t/shouldn’t do, and a very very short list of actual actionable ideas. Well, I intend on putting an end to that today.

This past Friday, I sat on a train to Hamilton, NJ to watch my friend star in a play. As I took my seat in a crowded NJ Transit car, I whipped out my HTC Evo and tried to figure out a way to pass the time. What do I do for an hour? There were the usual suspects: Angry Birds, YouTube, a little Air Control or Sudoku when I got really bored. But as I was scrolling through my apps, I came across something I downloaded within minutes of buying my phone: the Inkpad app.

So I thought of challenge. I would spend the next hour writing down as many clever marketing ideas I could for Pharma brands. Why? Because inspiration and innovation doesn’t have to happen in front of a whiteboard in a conference room with ten or twenty other people. We have all these mobile technologies loaded with everything we need to come up with good ideas – from very sophisticated mind maps and drawing tools, to simple apps like the Inkpad. Ideas can’t be scheduled; they can occur anytime, anywhere…including on a one-hour train ride to Hamilton, NJ.

Below is what I came up with, coupled with their inspirations. Of course, there might be complications in executing these ideas – regulations, contracts – or they may have even been done already. The point is, maybe when we come up with the next breakthrough mobile application or award-winning social media campaign, it’s probably better to start with the “Can”s rather than the “Can’t”s; let your imagination run free, then decide whether or not it works.

1. Hire Olivia Newton-John to star in a workout video for your weight loss drug.

2. Dole out expert relationship advice to promote your mood-enhancement drug.

3. Use “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” approach.

4. Take advantage of 3D home theater systems with a “Magic Schoolbus”-inspired journey into the human body.


5. Get racy when marketing your dermatological treatment.





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