Holiday Wish List


By Krissy Goelz (@krisgoelz)

Maybe youre not still making your wish list with a crayon, flipping through the Sears catalog anymore – but you never do get too old to make your list every year, do you?

I make mine every December, although I have to admit that my list includes lots of things that the ten-year-old me would never have imagined. Some are very grown-up (A new kitchen!) and some are still toys (name one person who doesnt want to try out the Kinect for Xbox 360) – but Ive also got a list of high-tech, social media, and Pharma wishes. Santa, are you listening?

  1. I wish that social networking will become more useful – and more accepted – for businesses. So many companies block Facebook, and I think thats really short-sighted. LinkedIn isnt the only place to have a business-appropriate interaction! Weve gotten clients, built relationships, talked business, had brainstorms, and done GREAT work through Facebook, Twitter, and IM. If youre shutting that away from your staff, youre doing your organization a disservice.
  2. I wish for the mythical Verizon iPhone to finally come out. Maybe we wont see one in 2010, but I would love for it to at least be announced. The funny thing is, I dont actually want one myself. The gift I want for myself is just to get the peace and quiet that might come when my Verizon-faithful coworkers can finally stop whining about not having an iPhone!
  3. I wish that social networking would stop being such a battleground. It doesnt have to be owned by the IT department, or by the marketing team, or by the corporate communications group. It shouldnt be owned by anybody: social media should become part of how we all work. While were making our wish lists, lets remember another childhood tradition: learning how to share!
  4. Of course, my biggest wish for 2010… my Cabbage Patch Kid, my Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle, my dream gift – is for those long-promised, long-awaited FDA social media guidelines. They could really be the start of a collaboration between government and industry, to help figure out how best to use social media to promote health. Julie Zawisza, Dr. Jean Ah-Kang, Tom Abrams: can you please be my elves this year?



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