The Health Tweeder Wins An Rx Club Award!

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By Krissy Goelz

A huge thank you to the RX Club for hosting a wonderful event last night! Starting at 6:30, industry insiders descended upon Metropolitan Club in NYC to celebrate the latest creative achievements in healthcare. Pixels & Pills was honored to be among such a prestigious group of award recipients¢‚Ǩ¬¶and proud to receive a Silver Award for our Health Tweeder.

As I mixed and mingled with folks throughout the night, I was struck by the wealth of smart and creative minds that work within the industry. The work showcased around the room ranged from 3D animations, detail aids, mailers, print ads, interactive pieces and social media programs. To note, many of the pieces featured were still based in traditional communication channels, which was a bit surprising, given the rapid growth of the digital landscape both in Pharma and Consumer advertising. However, as I spoke with colleagues from LionHeart and InVivo, we all agreed that the future of Pharma includes a mixed media promotional campaign and that the lines between offline and online programs are becoming increasingly blurred.

Throughout the night, DJ Edgerton was enlightening guests with his vision of the future of the RX Club awards. It would be held in a venue where the monitors would occupy a majority of the wall space, where entries would appear in screens of all sizes. Attendees would print out their own name badges from computer kiosks and interacting with the displays. Everyone would be tweeting from the event, and using mobile technology to find out specific information about each entry, such as the agency responsible for creating the piece, as well as contact information. Also, iPad applications would be eligible for nomination (DJ thinks well probably see this next year).

Making an impact on patients and healthcare professionals is what matters, and as an industry we should be utilizing all possible channels to make that impact. Selfishly, my competitive side still hopes to see a little more of a digital presence at next year’s award show¢‚Ǩ¬¶




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