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By Kimberly Reyes (@CommDuCoeur)

Seth Godin wrote a blog post that identifies two kinds of schooling: one where “you learn technique, facts and procedures, and one where “you learn to see, learn to lead and learn to solve interesting problems.

As I reflect on the educational conferences and events that Pixels & Pills has attended this past year, I cant help but wonder what all the hustle & bustle is really about. Sure, we gather together industry leaders with unique perspectives and address pressing issues. Sure, we propose solutions and identify opportunities. But, when do we really get the chance to put our money where our mouths are?

Our friend Fard Johnmar is known for, among many things, pushing the envelope. For example, he launched the Path of the Blue Eye Project, an innovative educational project that uses transmedia storytelling and high-quality content to smashes silos and encourage collaboration among health marketing communications professionals from around the world.

Now hes expanding these efforts with unNiched 2010, a unique Path of the Blue Eye Project-affiliated learning experience. Participation in unNiched is two-fold: an online component prepares registrants for a New York City-based live event via enrollment in the Projects Living the Path knowledge community. Participants will be able to discuss, collaborate, and be mentored by some of the most recognized names in healthcare marketing, including Jonathan Richman, Shwen Gwee, and Steve Woodruff. . (Pixels & Pills is proud to provide in-kind and strategic support for unNiched 2010.)

If thats not enough learning for you, the unNiched webinar series begins in August and focuses on collaboration, integrated marketing communications, and other topics. The webinars can be experienced live, as well as on-demand, to fit with your busy schedule. The series will end in October, just before the offline portion of unNiched begins in New York.

The months of preparation, thought leadership, and brainstorming will culminate in unThink, a 2-day challenge that will put you in the company of 100 of your peers as you help create a series of strategic blueprints for a health non-profit, Lung Cancer Alliance. Each mid-size team of healthcare communication professionals across a variety of disciplines will be judged on their campaign. unNiched staff will reward the team that comes up with the best idea by making a $2,000 donation to the American Red Cross to assist with earthquake recovery efforts around the world.

Education for a Worthy Cause

Whats all this for? Well, the outputs from unNiched will be handed over to the Lung Cancer Alliance, the only national non-profit organization dedicated solely to providing patient support and advocacy for people living with or at risk for the disease.

Headquartered in Washington, DC, the Lung Cancer Alliances mission is as follows:

  • Reverse decades of stigma and neglect by empowering individuals and communities touched by the disease
  • Raise awareness through campaigns to change the face of lung cancer
  • Influence health policy by elevating lung cancer to a national public health priority

The Lung Cancer Alliance unites advocates and volunteers under a grassroots movement towards improving and expanding lung cancer research, finding new drugs that are safer and more effective, and increasing the public profile of lung cancer.

Fard recognized an opportunity to gather some of the best and brightest minds in the business and actually create change. Whether its advocating prevention or working towards a cure, this is our chance to make a real difference as healthcare marketers.

Heres where Seth Godin asks: what kind of person are you? The kind that is content talking about “technique, facts, and procedures, or the kind that wants to “see, lead, and solve interesting problems? If youre the latter, register for unNiched 2010 here. Use discount code “PixelsPills” to receive 15% off the registration fee. Act fast! Early bird rates expire soon!

Dont just talk; do something.

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