More to Follow: Pixels & Pills Favorite Pharma Folks, Part II


By Kimberly Reyes (@CommDuCoeur)

Last August, Pixels and Pills provided you with a handy “whos who list of 10 Pharma Twitterers that we cant get enough of.

Were calling this year “the year that everything changes for Pharma, and with new challenges come new faces. Weve since added some names to the list and are proud to present you with a second helping of pharma Twitter all-stars. You may already be following them and if you arent, you should.

John Mack is @pharmaguy

John Macks got something on his mind, and hes not afraid to say it. One of the most poignant Pharma voices in the Twitterverse (and beyond), Mack is the author of several must-read industry blogs, the most notable being his own Pharma Marketing Blog.

Brad Pendergraph is @bradatpharma

Brad Pendergraphs professional experience as a member of Novartis’ Social Media Catalyst Team qualifies him as one of the most trusted sources in the discussion around digital pharma. Check out his blog for compelling content on healthcare and social media.

Jonathan Richman is @jonmrich

Jonathan Richmans Dose of Digital is a trusted resource in helping shape the ePharma dialogue. In addition to contributing powerful thought leadership through various social media channels, the former AstraZeneca sales executive has just announced the first annual Dosie Awards.

Phil Baumann is @PhilBaumann

Phil Baumann is a registered nurse and former Clinical Operations Specialist at Merck with a flair for technology. He exhaustively blogs about the digital innovations that influence the healthcare industry with tremendous insight and unique perspective.

Christiane Truelove is @ChristianeTrue

We talked to this editor-in-chief of Med Ad News and R&D Directions back at the ePharma Summit. Christiane Truelove keeps herself busy at the helm of two major trade publications as the watchful eye on all things pharma and healthcare. Her Twitter feed is a lifeline to hot topics and breaking news in this dynamic industry.

Fard Johnmar is @fardj

Its almost a crime to leave this man off a “Top Ten in Social Pharma list¢‚Ǩ¬¶and embarassingly, we almost did. Since last years list, weve kept in touch with Fard, and learned so much from his insight. In Fard Johnmars recent interview with Pixels & Pills about his Path of the Blue Eye project, he stressed the importance of collaboration and the media mix in Pharma marketing.

Eileen OBrien is @EileenOBrien

Eileen OBrien covers the topics industry insiders care about, with the wisdom that comes from seventeen years of healthcare marketing experience. Before becoming Director of Search & Innovation at Siren Interactive, she held positions at Virtua Health and Compass Healthcare Communications.

Amber Benson is @pharmachameleon

Amber Benson is one of the newest additions to our Pharma marketing watchlist. Cool is hard to come by in this industry, but Amber Benson manages to deliver Pharma flair with a dose of music mixed in for an intriguing meld of industry opinion and pop culture.

Ed Silverman is @pharmalot

Ed Silverman is an award-winning Pharma journalist and contributing writer for trade publications The Pink Sheet and In Vivo magazine. During his tenure as a business writer for The Star-Ledger of New Jersey, Ed Silverman launched Pharmalot to hare news and opinion about what matters most to drug-makers.

Andrew Spong is @andrewspong

Andrew Spong, PhD comes to us from across the pond, where his tweets are no less important to the ongoing discussion around healthcare and social media. Being the co-founder of #hcsmeu and authoring his own blog on the subject are just some of the reasons we think hes cool¢‚Ǩ¬¶he also did a video review of Pixels & Pills very own Health Tweeder!

Thanks to the Internet, Socially-savvy pharma executives have access to a wealth of information straight from the minds of industry leaders right at their fingertips. Who are you following on Twitter that should be on our radar?




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