Show Pixels & Pills Some Love at the Dosie Awards!


When former AstraZeneca sales executive Jonathan Richman launched Dose of Digital, he embarked on a mission to enhance the patient experience and safety by helping Pharma companies adopt digital technologies in a strategic way. Through Richmans thought leadership and the blogs various services (including a Social Media Wiki that catalogues “ones to watch in the pharmaceutical industry), Dose of Digital joins us in our mission to revolutionize the way pharma interacts with the healthcare community.

Dose of Digital is taking the next step in this journey by announcing the first-ever Dosie Awards, designed to honor the best examples of social media in healthcare across nine categories. The winners will be announced live during the upcoming BDI conference “Social Communications & Healthcare: Case Studies & Roundtables.

Were proud to announce that Pixels and Pills has been nominated for Best Industry Observer Blog, and invite our readers to support the Pixels & Pills initiative by voting for us in the Dosies.

It only takes a second:

Go to or click on this link to access the Round 3 voting page. Vote for your favorites in each category. The Best Industry Observer category is the last one. You can vote for Pixels and Pills and one other nominee (we recommend that you check them all out!). Feel free to enter comments about why you love reading Pixels and Pills, then click “submit. Just remember: voting for this round ends Tuesday, April 6.

Our thanks to Dose of Digital for recognizing Pixels & Pills as a leading voice of change within the pharmaceutical industry and thanks in advance to our readers for all your support!

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