How Do You Brainstorm New Ideas?

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By Sven Larsen (@zemoga)

British developers theMobileHealthCrowd have created a wonderful resource, simply called “101 things to do with a mobile phone in healthcare“. Explaining what it is would be pretty redundant, with a title like that. But it’s a great resource.

And it made me think – about brainstorming. Looking at this list is a great way to spark an idea. And it was probably created in the first place by means of a great brainstorming session.

So I began thinking about good brainstorming sessions – and bad ones.

Please tell us that you don’t run a brainstorm in that horribly awkward, old-fashioned way, where people sit around a table, get up the nerve to offer ideas – and are locked in until they come up with something?

Good. We didn’t think so.

Please say that you use some of these methods instead:





And some even better ones. Like these:

Taking your team out for a new type of food.

Going go-karting and yelling out a new idea each lap.

Having meetings on a playground swingset.
You won’t have ideas that you haven’t had before if you try to come up with them in the same ways you always have.
What’s your favorite brainstorming tactic?



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