Why There’s No Time Like the Present

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By DJ Edgerton (@wiltonbound)

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I bloody love the modern world!


We’re not ones to “tweet” our own horn. But that’s okay, because we’re not the ones doing it.

The above are comments from users, including Joshua Slatko from Med Ad News, all about our Health Tweeder.

To state the obvious, immediacy in communication is of prime importance these days. But immediacy is just as important in filtering, receiving and reacting to communication. The luxury of time is one that fewer and fewer people have. And as people become more comfortable in a conversational mode, responsiveness or the lack thereof is what’s going to make or break a social media campaign.

We’ve heard some friends and clients talking about putting Tweets through a full legal, medical and regulatory review committee, just as pamphlets and sales aids have for decades. Communications can no longer wait for a biweekly meeting of a dozen people to parse and approve them. They must happen in answer to questions, in response to crises, in advance of damaging arguments. They must be an organic and rhythmic part of a true conversation.
This is, to use an overused expression, a paradigm shift.

And this is why we created the Health Tweeder. You have your own areas of concern – you work in neurology, while your colleague focuses on cardiology. But you need to know what’s going on, and you can’t possibly weed through all of the information available to you.

You need the right information fast.

Thousands of products have been created to answer the needs described in those six words. So far, the Health Tweeder is a modest one. But we’re so pleased with its reception, and we’ve got more in the works. Stay tuned, and keep the feedback and ideas coming!

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