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By DJ Edgerton (@wiltonbound) & Guy Mastrion (@gmastrion)

Exciting news to announce today. Our little blog has expanded in to a full fledged service offering to the Pharmaceutical industry. While this breaking news won’t impact the editorial content or journalistic mission of our blog, it will mean you will see a lot more cool Pixels & Pills projects in the coming months. Here’s the official press announcement …


New Service to Help Pharmaceutical Companies Leverage the Power of Digital Communications, User-Generated Content and Social Media Technology

Social Media Week — New York, NY– Feb. 3, 2010 Zemoga, a pioneering digital marketing and innovation firm, and Palio, a full-spectrum global advertising and communications agency, have joined forces to launch Pixels & Pills, a joint service offering designed to empower pharmaceutical companies with highly advanced digital communications that engage and enrich patient experiences.

Formed to enable pharmaceutical companies to leverage the timeliness and influence of digital communications, Pixels & Pills helps clients deliver enhanced patient experiences that inspire trust and brand loyalty, while addressing regulatory issues.

“The confluence of digital strategy, creativity, media and technology takes years to master. And the healthcare space, with its myriad regulations, clinical and scientific data, efficacy concerns and compliance challenges, is equally complex, said Guy Mastrion, chief global creative officer for Palio. “Pixels & Pixels meets these challenges head on, our combined services are not just a doubling of skills, it is an alchemy that is bringing much needed practical solutions right now and also leading with long-term strategies to minimize the challenges ahead.

The service offers “all things digital design, strategy and consulting specifically tailored to the pharmaceutical community, including:

  • Strategic planning and consulting
  • Media planning
  • Creative design
  • Digital media tool creation such as 3D environments and Augmented Reality
  • Social media and mobile application development
  • Program testing and measurement

“Pixels & Pills combines Zemogas native digital roots with Palios deep pharmaceutical domain expertise to optimize digital education strategies for pharmaceutical companies, physicians, and patients, said DJ Edgerton, CEO of Zemoga. Were already developing Augmented Reality (AR), enhanced virtual environments, and filing patents for social media tools to help pharmaceutical companies with their digital programs.

Pixels & Pixels is designed to help pharmaceutical companies bring their marketing programs into the 21st century while closing the gap between pharmaceuticals and other categories that have embraced digital media tools like automotive, entertainment and retail.

About Pixels & Pills

Leveraging Palios experience in the healthcare marketplace and Zemogas digital marketing expertise, Pixels & Pills is a joint service offering that enables healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to reach and engage audiences through the power of digital communications. As leading experts on the use of digital media in the pharmaceutical/healthcare industries, the Pixels & Pills team has developed digital solutions that bring medical companies into the digital age, such as The Health Tweeder and the Pixels & Pills blog.


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Abelson Group for Pixels & Pills


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