The Doctor’s Office 2.0 is Here

zocdocBy Sven Larsen (@zemoga)

We’ve written in the past about 2.0 experiences, how digital tools can make almost every aspect of the patient experience better. Well now some of our hypotheticals are starting to become reality.

Zocdoc is a new online service (currently in beta) that allows users to find a doctor or dentist and (better yet) book an appointment online. The simple user interface asks basic questions like type of doctor, type of patient insurance, patient location and reason for visit. After these simple filters have been applied, the user is taken to a page with a listing of eligible doctors (complete with Yelp! style reviews) and available appointment times. A quick and painless user experience that is long past due.

Zocdoc is only currently available in New York City and Washington DC but the numbers are already impressive. And with investors like Jeff Bezos and Marc Benioff we’re sure to hear more about them.

What other Patient 2.0 initiatives might become reality this year? Is your company getting behind them with advertising, sponsorship or resources?



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