What’s Coming in 2010?

2010 graphicBy DJ Edgerton (@wiltonbound)

Jobless recovery
Personalized medicine
Social media
Health care reform

If you were playing Pharma Buzzword Bingo, that’d probably be your winning line right there.

All these things have begun in 2009 and are coming down now. Many have deadlines next year.

So which will happen? Which will fizzle out?

We wish our crystal ball was working – but in any case, it’s safe to say that 2010 will be a hugely important year for the industry.

How many companies will merge in the next 12 months? Is there room left for many more consolidations, any more pairs folding in on themselves?

Will the economy bounce back in this sector? Will the thousands of laid-off executives, sales representatives and other employees seek greener pastures in other industries?

Personalized medicine has been tantalizing with promise for years. Will we finally see it flower?

Social media has had the industry buzzing – but will it come to a conclusion of how to use it productively?

The administration keeps fighting for health care reform. Will this fight go the way of previous administrations’, or will things really change next year?

Maybe we don’t know any of those answers. But here’s a question you can answer, at least for yourself.

Are we holding our breath and dawdling until we see which way the dice land, or are we soldiering on, staying creative and thoughtful and surfing the consequences as they come?




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