In Pharma or Elsewhere, Great Brands are Organic


By Guy Mastrion

Clients often ask if a campaign has legs, or how it will “campaign out.

As a brand matures and the marketplace responds, it must evolve with its campaign if it is to survive.

If we are paying attention and correctly handling our brand, we can create a brand ecosystem that generates its own energy.

As this evolution occurs, the campaign will invest the brand with deeper levels of meaning, just as the brand will invest the campaign with deeper meaning.

This symbiotic relationship is fueled by the insights generated from the ecosystem as an on-going feedback loop occurs.

Therefore, if we think of a campaign as a living organism and we invest fresh and evolved insight, it remains vital and relevant. And in doing so, we create longevity for the brand and campaign alike.

It has never been easier than with the use of today’s technologies to create a never-ending, regenerative stream of insight needed to fuel powerful, organic, brand growth

Are you growing your brand organically? Have you built a healthy brand ecosystem? Do you know how?



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