The FDA Adresses Social Media

FDA Blue LogoBy DJ Edgerton

The FDAhas been begging for suggestions on how to be more transparent, which in itself was impressive – but now, they’re actually doing what the industry assumed would never happen. They’re convening a public hearing on social media.

This, to put it mildly, is big news. Very big.

To give perspective, the FDA last held a public hearing about digital communication in1996.

Read the detailed announcement here. You should go through the whole thing – it’s a fairly easy read.

….Although the agency believes that many issues can be addressed through existing FDA regulations, special characteristics of… emerging technologies may require the agency to provide additional guidance...

…Another emerging issue involves the reporting of adverse event data because such information may initially be revealed using social media platforms in the context of Internet promotion for FDA-regulated medical products…

FDA is particularly interested in hearing views from the public as to how expanding Web 2.0 technologies may be used to promote medical products to both health care professionals and consumers in a truthful, nonmisleading, and balanced manner….

They want to know what we think.

But can we move from cursing the darkness to lighting a candle? It can be a lot easier to complain, than to offer practical ideas. Are we going to step up and be the advocates for using digital technology broadly, effectively, responsibly? Can we dare each other to actually make a difference?

Read the official announcement. Think about whether you agree with their definitions of social media. Think about what you think they’re leaving out. Think about what they need to think about.

Thanks to thePharma Marketing Blog for the heads up!




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