The Ten Best Pharma Blogs We’re Reading Now


By DJ Edgerton
1. The Path of the Blue Eye.

2. Whydot Pharma.

3. WSJ Health Blog. For why you should be reading these top three blogs, look at the previous Ten Twitterers We’re Following post. Smart stuff in any medium.

4. Pharma Marketing Blog. John Mack’s opinionated, no-frills, no-nonsense look at what’s going on in the space.

5. Pharmaceutical Executive’s PharmExec Blog. One of the most widely read blogs out there and a worthy digital companion to the print magazine?

6. FDA Transparency Blog. We know what you’re thinking. Do those three words really belong together? No, truly. They’re trying, and kudos to them for that.

7. The In Vivo Blog. Landing place of Pharmalot blogger Ed Silverman, among other things, the In Vivo blog has become a go-to resource for the top current industry news.

8. Tara Parker-Pope’s Well Blog from the New York Times. Tara has unapologetically stated that as a writer, she sometimes just focuses on the topics that happen to interest her. It’s not the place to go for a panoramic view of the industry. But it’s stellar writing on a variety of eclectic health-related topics from one of the top journalists in the industry.

9. The bottom of the barrel:Cafe Pharma. Yes, we all look down on it. And it’s not even a blog – it’s an “old-fashioned” anonymous message board, full of immaturity and insults, bad grammar and worse manners. But we all know that if you want dirt – particularly what’s going on with a particular company – you can go here for it. It even seems that a recent lawsuit faced by Schering Plough and Merck included postings from the site – “scurrilous,” certainly, as the companies complained, but apparently true, too.

Clever reader, you may have noticed that there are only nine entries on a list promising ten. That’s intentional. Because we want your feedback. We can tell you what we think is worth knowing about, but we’re all going to get better, the more we share.

What’s the one blog you’re devoted to that hasn’t made our list?

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