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Introducing Padforce1 for Healthcare

By @Spitz For years Pixels & Pills has been your trusted source for news, insights, and innovation. Powered by the award-winning digital agency Zemoga, P&P is now adapting its thought leadership to the...

Healthcare Implications for Facebook’s New “Graph Search” Functionality

By @Spitz Social media has, since inception, been the agony and ecstasy for health communicators. On the one hand privacy concerns and the potential for abuse exponentially mount...

OUT OF DARKNESS: A Cancer Patient’s Last Wish Granted through the Power of Social Media

“Show Me the Data!”: Pharma Mobile Best Practices Based on US & EU Physician Engagement Stats

Tapping into 2013 with his monthly Mobile Health Mashup column on Pharmaphorum, @Spitz explores fresh data from EPG Health Media and extracts some useful pharma best practices for the...

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