Are You Feeling Better?

By Jason Brandt

As a commuter, I watch as lot of presentations online. And the past few weeks have seen a bumper crop of videos from SMW NYC, SXSW, and TED detailing some fantastic concepts and challenges. It presents a startlingly different narrative to that espoused by mainstream media.

Take for example, this TED talk from Peter Diamandis (who we’ve interviewed in the past on Pixels & Pills):

Some of the figures mentioned in Peter’s talk are startling, including the fact that the average lifespan has doubled in the last 100 years and that infant mortality has declined by a factor of ten. It’s also encouraging to hear about things like Dean Kamen’s device for purifying water (which, if it works could eliminate 50% of the root causes of disease) being tested by Coca Cola or Diamandis’ X-Prize foundation partnering with Qualcomm to reward developers of a medical “tricorder” straight out of STAR TREK.

But what’s most startling about many of the facts and ideas Peter talks about is how “under the radar” they are in terms of coverage by mainstream media. Kind of like the many positive stories that come out of the Pharma industry everyday. Peter explains the reasons for that at the start of his talk and as a digital evangelist there seems to be an easy solution to the problem.

Pharma needs to stop funding (via our purchase of advertising) the media that demonizes it and divert those resources to platforms and media that can better tell our story. Whether that’s patient communities, third party sites, mobile applications, conferences or carrier pigeon, it’s vital that people know about the positive work that Pharma companies do (if for no other reason than it will increase adoption and compliance).

To paraphrase Peter, yes there are problems in Pharma, but there is also an abundance of innovation and brilliant minds dedicated to improving our health and solving many of the world’s social ills.

Wouldn’t you prefer that people hear that story about our industry?

Wouldn’t that make us all feel a little better?




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One Response to Are You Feeling Better?

  1. Jason Boies says:

    I admire the sentiment on display here, Jason.

    Having immersed myself in health and Pharma content over the past year, I have seen just how committed many people within the Pharma industry are to improving public health and encouraging the industry to engage more with patients. That is very rarely on display in the mainstream media. That’s an interesting point about defunding the very media that demonize it, good stuff there. 🙂


    Jason Boies
    Radian6 Community